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Message from our President:

Nakamura Air Express (U.S.A.) Inc, dba NAX USA Inc. has been in business for almost 10 years. During this short period, the freight forwarding industry has evolved along with various changes in the world, such as globalization.

Rather than resisting these changes, we aim to be part of it. We strive to identify and adjust to these changes quickly so that our customers can also adapt to the global environment.

In 2009, we built a refrigeration system in our warehouse at the Los Angeles office in anticipation of our customers’ changing needs. With foresight such as this, we aim to continue playing a central role in this industry.

Fumio Tamada

2010/10/29   Tsukiji office has opened  >>
2010/10/29   Haneda Airport office has opened  >>
2010/03/02   Kansai office has been merged with Airport office  >>
2009/10/27   Narita Office address updated  >>
2009/09/02   NAX USA website is officially open

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